You want to stand out from the crowd. You’re unique, but the only accessories you can find that remotely match your image are at the mall. They’re expensive, poor quality, are a bad fit, and everyone has them.

You need a shop that understands you. A shop with a seemingly endless selection of accessories that fit any size, are handmade in the US of quality components, and can be customized to fit YOU and your unique style and personality . . . all at a similar or lower cost than the chain stores.

Kimberly Terrell, Owner and Designer

I’m Kimberly Terrell, owner and designer at Rowan’s Originals. Does your wardrobe need an attitude adjustment? Work with me one on one to create an accessory that fits you inside and out. I make them all myself, right here in Texas and have been for the last twelve years.  Don’t be fooled by the prices. They are all made of sturdy materials and fasteners, will take a beating and will last a long time.

You can choose from one of my many products online. I have several standard sizes, but if you are unsure, just write in your size and I will ensure a perfect fit. Big or small – there is no extra charge for a special size. Do you like what you see online but want a different color, more spikes or a few extra loops? Contact me with your vision and we will work together to make it a reality.

Ready to take a look? I know you will be overwhelmed with the selection. 

Don’t hesitate to let me know what I can create for you. Contact me at kimberly@rowansoriginals.com